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Sanday is a very special and wholly different place in which to live and work. We want that difference to show in our dealings with you and we hope that you will find us approachable and friendly and that our site will be engaging and informative. We are not “just another online shop” and we plan to become every spinner’s first stop for community resources. Do read more about us and our history if you have the time, and please feel absolutely comfortable about contacting us at any time. You can follow us at Twitter and at Facebook. We shall be very happy to make your acquaintance. The Sanday difference shows, please tell your friends

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  • Ashford

    We sell Ashford Spinning and Weaving equipment at very competitive prices, and postage and packing on Ashford wheels and looms is free of charge to all UK purchasers. There will always be some really exceptional Special Offers available, particularly our discounts on combination purchases. Please take a look at these before buying.

  • Sanday hand-crafted

    We are proud to sell a range of locally sourced hand-made items, including hand-turned spinning tools made by Jim Towrie – our Sanday Niddy Noddy is our most popular sale.    

  • Courses

    If you do not already spin, we can teach you how — why not book an Introduction to Spinning course. Courses offer individual attention and are tailored to your needs. Beginner spinners can benefit from our new Learn to Spin kit. If you buy one of these kits, we’ll knock a little extra off the […]

  • Fleece

    Spinners, we have a small quantity of whole raw fleeces from Gill’s own Hillside flock of rare breed sheep, raised here on Sanday. Gill keeps Shetland, Hebridean and Jacob sheep and some cross-breeds.

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  • A Day Trip to Kirkwall

    As Beth mentioned on Tuesday, today she and I set off first thing this morning to the ferry terminal at Loth. Before that, I’d put the horses out, having decided that, as the weather was feeling very mild, to not put Barnaby’s rug on. The ferry was very full, with cars having to ditch their […]

  • Photos

    We’ve today had a kind customer point out that our Rigid Heddle loom photos were out of date, so I’ve just updated those to show you the correct version of that loom. I see a check through the shop photos in my near future. I think that will involve a lot of coffee and Pink […]

  • Project planning

    The virus is I believe, quite vanquished and only the odd splutter remains to remind us that it was ever here.  Herbivore is cast off and ready to block – and I may do that tomorrow. Thursday is go-to-town day and I shall now be in need of a new ferry project! Actually, as the […]