4kcbwday3 – What do you need?

4kcbwday3 Infographic
There are many ways of conveying information on a blog; text and images being the two most widely used. Many infographics combine both these elements to provide a visual way of presenting text information.

OK. Here is my effort. It’s an interactive graphic, so do play with it a little.

Well, this seemed like a good idea at 10 pm last night – but what a wrangle it turned into!  Having spent hours setting this thing up, I found that there was no facility to teak it to look just the way that I wanted. It would not be my choice to display the data label three times! Nor would I choose in this case to show the weightings, as they have no  real meaning in this context. As for the colours – I had several attempts to theme the graphic to go with the blog but it kept on reverting to the original default every time that I made a change an din the end I gave up the struggle.

(By the way, the graphic seems to be troublesome to load. If you cannot see it, please  try refreshing your browser.)

I admit to having felt less than inspired and so I turned to what I know…

Maslow’s Triangle, or Hierarchy of Needs,  is a psychological theory often represented diagrammatically as a triangle or pyramid. The most basic needs are weighted heavily and support the pyramid. More aspirational desires appear at the top. Thus Maslow proposed that the basic physiological needs of breathing, eating and drinking are the primary need, closely followed by safety and security, whereas the needs for esteem and self-actualisation only represent themselves once basic concerns are satisfied.

It should not be difficult to represent that in the context of a knitter’s needs, now would it? It took ages and many rewrites and I am still not certain that it is correct.

I originally thought that I could make a single hierarchy. I probably could. But I liked the nifty interactive infographic, so I made three hierarchies. It wasn’t working out, and so a fourth emerged – and that scuppered my fun with the titles. I also believed that it could be a general hierarchy of needs, but unlike Maslow I failed to convince myself that all knitters are equal. I settled for representing my needs and desires.

It was actually an interesting exercise. I have long known how challenging it is to carefully analyse, weight and differentiate between  a group of needs and wants. Many people cannot grasp the difference between a want and a need at all – that’s not my big problem. Ordering them is my challenge.

I think that I got the graphic right and was reasonably honest in my weightings. Material needs come first. Let us be clear now, no yarn = no knitting, so yarn is the fundamental.

Or is it?

Are the Creative needs more basic – the desire and enthusiasm to knit come before the yarn purchase? Perhaps because I come from the perspective of a stash owner, I chose to do it this way. Anyway, the needs are at the bottom and the desires/fancies/trimmings a re at the top. Let’s face it, I could knit for some need, rather than from a desire or a creative impulse. I might be needing to clothe my children. Maybe I have this the correct way around after all.

Yarn, to me, is fundamental. A pattern stash is nice but more often that not mine leads only to a desire to look to my inner Monkee  for creativity or elsewhere for inspiration, so the blank apex of the triangle takes us to the next hierarchies of non-material and creative needs. Just look where Ravelry  ended up! I originally regarded Ravelry as icing on the cake but that is not at all honest – it is nowadays an essential. It feeds into everything else – a source of creative inspiration, pattern choice, yarn information and a place to develop my skills and find new techniques.  Also interesting is that I placed a circle of real knitting friends before the larger circle of blogging knitters. The bloggers are a wonderful resource but there’s nothing like having somebody at your side to show you how that stitch works…  I also placed reading blogs as more fundamental than writing them – but that’s because I am at heart an information-gatherer rather than a natural disseminator.

The final hierarchy is well, a little joke – but nonetheless real and you will recognise it.

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  1. Liz H 24th April 2013 at 10:58 pm #

    I like it! Top of my birthday list this year is ‘time for knitting’. I’m hoping I get some.

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