5KCBWDAY7 And around we go again

Day 7 is always my least favourite day of Knit Crochet Blog Week. It means taking an honest look at oneself.

If you took part in last year’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, look back on your Day Seven post. Did any of the techniques, ideas and hopes for the last 12 months that you wrote about at that time ever make it onto the hook or needles? Did anyone cast on and complete the project researched in last year’s Day 2 post?

Last year’s post is here.


Jubilee cardigan – completed, finished and worn

I said this (I’ve emboldened the relevant points):

 I have no aims to conquer new skills in the next twelve months but I do desperately want to conquer the UFO pile and to begin to gain some use of the half-knitted garments in there. I shall continue in finishing mode, when I can.

and also this:


Jubilee – with pockets.

There are pieces that I have lined up for the annual show this summer –  not least is the Orenburg scarf promised to trundlebug, and that has to be priority #1. I cannot believe how taxing I find it!  Then there is a handspun lace scarf that would like to have on the show bench too.  Apart from that I do not intend to push myself this year in terms of making entries. I am much more keen to unearth my cardigan and my sweater from the UFO pile and to have them on my back next winter.

and, oh my, I foolishly mentioned this:

In terms of new projects – I have 1.4 kilos of North Ron roving, with which I plan to make a 3 ply aran weight yarn and then to turn it into a sweater for myself. I would very much like to be reporting back on that completed sweater this time next year but I sincerely doubt that I can make it happen.


Some of the fluff turned into yarn but there is a long way to go yet

How right I was to have my doubts.  It’s not as though I failed to see the writing on the wall:

Overall, I am planning less knitting in my life as my hands are now  becoming very sore after only short periods of work. Once the UFO pile is whacked, I see myself moving more into the world of weaving as I feel that the movements involved are less repetitive and are more sweeping, if you know what I mean. Easier on my hands, I hope.

What actually happened?


Mischief at Sea, an FO at last

Well, I did bust a gut in completing my Jubilee cardigan. I finished it and have been wearing it. It was completed at the end of last August. I also finished a handspun lace stole, Mischief at Sea but the sweater I planned to complete never saw so much as the light of day. I am ashamed to admit that the remainder of my few completed projects in the past 12 months were all newly-started and not from the UFO pile at all. I was led slightly astray by the Show schedule.

There were successes on the Show bench and that handspun stole took a Yellow card special prize.


High Seas pattern from knit lab

The North Ron sweater is still mainly in three carrier bags of fluff but I have spun and plied several skeins — just nowhere near enough. As for the Orenburg scarf – well, I made some progress but it hurt my hands so much that I put it away again. Trundlebug is still waiting.

“Less knitting” is about the only target that I have hit and I did find myself taking several months off over last winter. I also did less spinning and no weaving. What did I do? More photography, I think. The camera does not hurt my hands…

Knitting re-emerged recently and I have been focused on completing my Valborg doily – blocked last week:


I even made a stop motion animation and uploaded my first ever movie to You Tube! It’s a little unfinished but I am pleased as Punch with it anyway. One day I may make it fit to the music and add some titles so that it does not come to such an abrupt end 🙂

This currently looks to be the only piece that I shall have ready for the 2014 Show. Which point brings us to the second part of the prompt…

And there is also time to look forward again: One year from now, when the 6th Knitting & Crochet Blog Week rolls around, where do you hope your crafting will have taken you to? What new skills, projects and experiences do you hope you might have conquered or tried? Do you have any wishes for your blogging that you’d like to follow?

What’s the point in my making plans for next year when every year that rolls by proves my inability to stick to them? Here’s my resolution: to enjoy my craft.

The UFO reduction will continue, because it must. I’m just not putting any time pressures on it any longer. The Finish Two – Start One strategy is working well for me however and I hope to stick to that. I don’t want to die with a UFO basket full but I don’t wish to have boredom bring on an early demise either. The Orenburg scarf will be finished at some point. I should like to think that it will follow swiftly on from the Valborg doily but a voice inside me says that I need to work on something less fine for a while. I have a Rivulet that needs addressing…

To be continued: L-R Hannelore, Rivulet, Kadril, matinee jacket, Rainstorm shawl, Pi blanket

To be continued: L-R Hannelore, Rivulet, Kadril, matinee jacket, Rainstorm shawl, Pi blanket

One new project that I hope to make this year is a Poncho. Yes. No, no idea why. From my collection of UFOs, I’d most like to finish my Pi Blanket. From my small collection of nominally active projects I shall knit at times on a small shawl, a matinee jacket and that Orenburg scarf. I have a couple of months in which to try and complete them for this year’s Show, after which I hope to see Hannelore out for progress – if I can complete her I shall then finally begin my Lyra. In spinning, the North Ron roving will progress to further skeins of yarn and I’ll be starting a new yarn from my stash of dyed rovings too.


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  1. avantaknits 18th May 2014 at 3:58 pm #

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with respecting one’s limitations. Resolving to enjoy the craft for itself, rather than trying to achieve some arbitrary goal, is an excellent choice.

    I’ve enjoyed making your acquaintance this year.

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