A cunning plan

When we decided to sell KnitPro, it became clear that we needed space to hold stock. As Hillside is still undergoing renovation, my workroom was targeted. I agreed that it should become our base of operations and I nominated my desk as Sanday Spinners’ office and packing room.

All well and good, but that meant that I needed to de-stash many of my craft items. I acknowledged that fibre takes up most of my life and that it was time for paper, card, glue, paints, and embellishments to leave my life. I wanted my stash to go to good homes and not into landfill, so I listed items on eBay.

This is where the cunning plan came into force. We had set up a SandaySpinners account at eBay, in case we should want to open an eBay shop. Our feedback was 0. If we wanted to sell on eBay then we needed to get some quality feedback. “I know!” I said, “I’ll sell my stuff on our account, get loads of wonderful feedback, and any money that I make can go into the business so that we can buy more lovely KnitPro stock.” What a splendid idea.

Wasn’t I a clever little spinner?

Admittedly, I have been so busy setting up our new shop and web site that I  only had time to get the initial batch onto eBay. Everything sold, and sold quite well. I made loads of lovely money. I even bought a violin and some alpaca yarn with the proceeds, when I momentarily forgot that it was meant to be a business input. (I’m very good at spending the same funds four times over, it has been a lifelong affliction. It’s not acquisitiveness, it’s a number-blindness and a memory thing.)

Fast forward a couple of weeks to a claim from a buyer that their goods are undelivered.

Of course it was the most expensive item of the batch.

I hope that I am dealing with it well. Despite the loss of the packet, I do hope that the feedback will be positive. The money thing will hurt, but it’s not crucial — I might just as easily have given this item away to a friend (had she not turned out to be anything but…). The feedback is the thing. On my own account it would not matter. On ours? It’s a different issue entirely.

I’m feeling that my cunning plan was not so cunning after all!

Maybe I am not such a clever little spinner.


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  1. Katie 9th March 2012 at 10:48 am #

    So long as your sort out a paypal refund I suspect you’ll be fine. Things go missing, it happens, they usually turn up in the end, or make it back to you, make sure you claim from royal mail you should be able to get compensation.

    • Beth 9th March 2012 at 11:50 am #

      Thanks for the cheer-up, Katie 🙂

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