A Day to Fall for

It’s another stunning Autumnal day today. I long to be in a forest, kicking up golden leaves, or on top of a hill, looking down on the swirling mists. Some things, I miss – conkers, blackberries, windfall apples… markers of the season. Never mind, the geese are in the bay again –  should we forget the time of year they will honk a call out to us.

We’re off to the doctor’s soon. I need to get lunch on – I’m making French Onion Soup today. If I get the onions softening in a heavy pan as we go out, they should be a perfect golden colour by the time that we get home again. I’m going to use the remains of the Sharpham Rustic for the cheesy croûtes. Wonderful Autumn food. Could scarcely be bettered.

I made some progress on my High Seas last night. I now have three repeats (of nine) completed. I may rename this project The Forever Scarf. I can see us having a Silver Anniversary together. However, I will not be defeated this time. It shall be completed. One day. Just not any time soon, by the looks of it.

I cannot tell you how badly I need a nicely inspirational new project cast on.

I certainly need something to help me cope. Every part of me tells me that High Seas cannot be  my only current project, if it is to be finished. Little and often will fit the bill, but not day-in, day-out. I should go mad and frog it and burn it, if I were to attempt such discipline. That would be a great shame, as the yarn took me many weeks to spin.

So, a little spice required. Something seasonal, perhaps. Can I find a UFO to fit the bill? There is still a large part of me that wants to stick to the diet and not begin new things unless they were in previous plans.

Perhaps I shall push my Rosa mitt forwards. A tick off the completion list may be just what is needed to lift my knitting spirits. Failing that, I may start the long-planned Mythos before the moths get into the yarn that I stashed for it. I could make good use of a lightweight cardigan now that the mists have arrived.

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