A free day

I have an unexpected holiday today. Mr L elected to go shopping alone. It’s a wild and windy day, though not too bad and it is very unlikely that the boat won’t come home again, but all things considered he thought I should stay here with the dogs. If the boat has to come the long way home tonight, it makes it a very late finish.

nothingSo, here I am. No lunch to organise. It’s just me, the dogs and cats, and the vacuum cleaner. I have done some scrubbing and some vacuuming, I haven’t been entirely idle. This afternoon however, I plan to pick a movie on the iPlayer and then sit and spin my little heart out. The Wooden Horse, maybe? I might even fit in a batch of doughnuts, so Mr L may have a nice treat for all his efforts today.

The down time is very nice, after the last few days of intensive problem-solving on the site. A little spinning is good for soothing the ruffles.

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