A good plan

It’s stocktaking day today. We can’t start until the cars have completed going around in circles, so I thought that I would settle to a little quiet knitting and move towards my sock completion targets. While I knit, I thougt I would catch up with some R2 listening via the BBC iPlayer. I had been unable to listen to Ken Bruce on Thursday last, when he was broadcasting from Kirkwall. Now seemed like a good time to see what he got up to while he was here.

Well, the programme is listed, but it is not as advertised. They have  put Simon Mayo up twice and left Orkney out altogether.

I have reported the issue and hopefully I can catch up later on.

In the meantime, I have to try to knit (and for now, type) with an armful of Teddy. He’s in demand mode. We let the sun go out and so we must  pay for the omission. He’s currently hanging from my left shoulder, and sitting in the crook of my left arm, while grooming my hair and chewing my ear. He’s one heavy cat and this is hard work – especially when he knocks my glasses flying.

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