A Red Letter

It’s a red letter day for Sanday Spinners. (Well, actually it went in a white padded packet, but who is quibbling?) I have just made our first free local delivery of a KnitPro order.

It was such a lovely looking day that I elected to walk over with my package. I took my camera with me, in case anything interesting cropped up on the walk – seizing one of my Calorimetry-adapted headbands on the way. I never thought I’d see me wearing a knitted headband but they are cracking good items to have handy here. Excellent for keeping hair in place and out of the camera lens, without boiling one’s brains in the process.

As it happened, the day looked nicer than it felt. It was fine for a brisk walk but the icy wind did not lend itself to dawdling for photography.

I got one snap, at my delivery destination while waiting for an answer to my knock.

He was keeping a very close eye on me, and his girls.

Did you know that a chook’s eyes work independently?

and, in Other News: I have been spinning! At long last there was a meeting of time, space, opportunity, and will. I’m working on some blended Shetland batts that were recently carded. It’s going well and I am pleased with what I have done. In fact, I am returning to the wheel right now. Just as soon as I have made a warming cup of coffee. Brrr!

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