A Saturday Pot Pourri

  1. The ladies in my spinning group are never going to believe this but… I am ordering the Schacht oil bottles that I was planning on getting, ooooh, a lifetime ago
  2. The KnitPro needles have not arrived. I was certain that they would come today, but they have not – despite reaching Aberdeen on Wednesday
  3. The Learning Curve is long and steep

  4. I am treating myself to a High Speed whorl for Morgana, in the hope that this will help reduce the gradient of said Learning Curve…
  5. …so I elected to buy her a set of wheels while I was at it – that should make it easier to take her to weekly group…
  6. …hence the oil bottles
  7. We are having Chicken Paprika for dinner today, with wild rice and green beans. I am really looking forward to it. I have not cooked Chicken Paprika since the 70s… nor Wild Rice since that decade either. It’s like living in my own time machine. Must dig my flares out.
  8. The traffic with the Recycle Shop remains triumphantly one-way. I avoided gaining any items while I was de-stuffing today
  9. The Land Rover coughed and spluttered and back-fired every inch of the way today. I am considering forgiving Mr L for not letting me drive it yet. He is not consoled by the level of admiration she attracts each time we go out. It is no consolation for the rough running.
  10. Did I mention that my Rosa rubiginosa socks are home to roost?
  11. Hunter tells me that she may be in Scotland next year, with a possibility of meeting up for lunch. That would be fun.
  12. Yesterday equalled our warmest day of the year. Today is grey, windy and very chilly. This is not a fair exchange.

Right – back to the learning curve!

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