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I had to take this:

Poorly Treacle

Poorly Treacle

to the vet yesterday, on an unscheduled trip to Kirkwall. I took my camera, as you can see, and also my designated Ferry Knitting.

Animals are not allowed to travel in the passenger accommodation so Treacle, me and my migraine, and the knitting had to travel in the downstairs watchmacallit (not gangway?) with all the engine noise and an added bonus of fresh paint fumes.

Nevertheless, the knitting made great headway. It’s around a foot long now.

Treacle is not being a good patient. He has a middle ear infection and has no balance. Unlike other cats, who creep into a corner and enjoy their solitude when ill, Treacle is demanding nursing care and attention 24/7. It’s rather getting in the way of Life and Other Stuff. I can’t not keep an eye on him, as he is a danger to himself and others just now. Nor can I knit, when he is sat in my lap complaining loudly about the fact that I have ceased to pamper him for a fraction of a second.


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  1. LizH 12th April 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Poor cat. Hope he gets better soon.
    I unintentionally left our cat outside all day. She is NOT happy with me and is sleeping in such a way that I know she is cross (how do cats do this?).

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