All at sea

My High Seas is coming along quite quickly now. I’ve done almost 2 whole repeats since I picked it up again and have reached the end of my first skein. I just spent an hour searching for the third skein, as I could only find one, not two. I was convinced that I needed to find both, in case one was better spun than the other.

It transpired, once I had given up and untwisted the one skein that I could find, that I had twisted the pair together at some time.

A new ball is wound. I’ll crack on. I’m aiming to complete the sixth of nine repeats before I hit the pillow tonight. “Only” 16 rows to go. Sigh. I’m watching Hill Street Blues from the beginning – currently I’m on the Pilot show. How many episodes will it take to complete the scarf – any guesses?

Mr L checked in from Manc. I fired up Google Streetview and found him a nearby Wetherspoon’s for his dinner. I expect he’ll be fast asleep by now, so long as he’s found out how to work the air conditioning in his room.

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