All Rush and Curry

  • The parts for the heating have not arrived, so today we will be getting on with making room for a Land Rover in the garage.
  • What did come is the yarn for Mr L’s Not Balaclava
  • The latest “Red Cross” parcel (approved Foods) is arriving as I type this
  • It’s Mushroom Dopiaza with Aubergine Pakora today, I forgot to make the yoghourt for raita so will make a tomato/coriander thing instead.
  • The Flambé is coming along very well, so well that it is almost ready to edge. I should of course be doing Other Things and may well swap my attention to the Not Balaclava later on today.
  • Right now I have to unpack the App foods and then help wrangle the garage door open

2 Responses to “All Rush and Curry”

  1. Katie 11th November 2012 at 8:14 am #

    Glad it’s not just us that refers to Approved Food parcels and Red Cross parcels!

    • SandaySpinner 11th November 2012 at 11:26 am #


      Admittedly the parcel is often full of chocolate, though no scarves or socks included… I did get a marvellous microwaveable “hot water bottle” last time. This time seems to be mainly wonderful olive oils and balsamic vinegar, and breakfast cereals. I appreciate being able to get wee treats that can’t be had up here, or can be had but not affordably. The delivery charge hurts a lot, so I have to be careful about buying real bargains.

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