An Island Way of Living

Bonus post today.

Mr L telephoned a little after 10am. He wanted to tell me that somebody was coming round. I made a baffled noise.  On the ferry? No, at home.

When we bought the Land Rover last year, it had a set of non-LR wheels on. They made the vehicle look all wrong but more importantly, were likely not to pass the MOT under the new rules.  We ordered and fitted a complete set of new Land Rover wheels, with proper tyres.

On the ferry this morning, one of the crew came forwward to speak with Mr L, commenting that he must be the chap who had just got some new LR wheels and had a set of alloys for sale.

This confused the heck out of my dear husband, who has not yet advertised the old wheels… which are not alloys anyway.

Clearly a case of observation, word of mouth, and Chinese Whispers. Endemic in island life.

A brief conversation followed in which it turned out that the wheels that we have to dispose of are just what the crewman is looking for. It was agreed that his relative, who stays on the island, would come round to look at them today and take them away if suitable.

Mr L was asked how much he wanted for them and he replied “Nothing.” Well, they have no use to us. “No, I shall have to give you something for them,” came the reply “Do you drink beer?

Do ducks swim?

And thus it was arranged. Crewman”s rellie will collect the wheels, I am notified so that I will not be startled by his arrival, and on the way home from town tonight there will be beer for Mr L at the boat.

I love this island life.

Now all we have to do is to rehome the Maverick somewhere where it might be appreciated.

On to more pertinent matters…

I rose this morning with a plan to spend my day with my crafts. I was dedicating the day to myself in glorious peace and quiet. It would allow me to blog under the Knit Crochet Blog Week wild card tomorrow, as I had not yet done a Day 5 Creative post.

Well, something went awry with the plan and I found myself doing the Day 5 prompt anyway. I am pleased with it. There is a Prize, too! So do come back tomorrow.

Once that was done, I got a bad attack of Guilt  and found myself working hard about the house. It feels all wrong that I should have a day of fun when my poor husband is bouncing on a rough sea  and toiling at the shopping.

I’ve done more tidying in the utility room – much needed as we shall have to find room for all the shopping when it comes home tonight. Then I launched into clearing the Conservatory and vacuuming that out. I have emptied the cleaner four times already today. I deem that to be sufficient penance.

Which brings me back to my intended day…

Now I shall treat myself to some lunch and after that I plan a little needle felting. After that… I am going to replace a chair in the conservatory and take my wheel in there. I shall spin until my man comes home, and I shall have the company of a good audio book.

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