Are we still here?

It’s Official. I am now Fed Up of the wind. Take it away. And dry off those rain clouds while you are at it.

We seem to have survived the doomsday predictions. Now, there is a surprise. More pertinently, will we survive the wind and the rain… should I begin to build an Ark right now… this is what I want to know.  Power supply is in doubt again, as winds of up to 80mph are predicted this afternoon. I’m away to the kitchen, to get on with my cooking whilst I may. I have ravioli in production, and an ice cream bombe. My pasta is resting, and about ready for rolling out now. The ravioli filling is chilling, and the bombe is in the freezer. All seems on schedule thus far.

Yesterday was the last at the coal face and the Winsdswept Acre is now officially on holiday for two weeks. I have made up my mind to spin for at least 1 hour every day this holiday. I seem to be on target for failing that goal on Day 1. Ah, well.

I forgot to offer seasonal greetings on the Solstice. I also forgot to do an FO post on Gill’s mitts. Ah, well. I finished a pair of sock yarn fingerless mittens. Nothing special. But they are done.

Have a happy holiday, everyone, whatever your persuasion. I’ll see you all, refreshed, in the New Year… by which time we ought to have sorted out some web site issues and some new Ashford prices. The shop is still open, so if you want to grab anything before the prices go up, now is the time to do so.

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