2012 Project Diet: Reclaim The Needles!

I write this in September 2012. Prompted by discussions at Ravelry and by my own collywobbles regarding my overflowing UFO basket(s), I referred back to my last UFO completion strategy planning (August 2012) See Earwig O

That list now  looks like this:

  • Crocus Socks – done
  • Benny soft toy inserted as cast on and now complete bar the making up
  • Kal Cape – edging progressing along bottom
  • Heliotaxis
  • Kadril
  • High Seas – some progress
  • Windswept
  • Hannelore

To this list I need to add the recently cast-on Cat shawl, the newly-begun Tunisian Crochet blanket and the rediscovered Hexapuffs. So:

  1. Kal Cape – estimate 80% complete
  2. High Seas – some progress, estimate 30% done
  3. Kadril – frogged and needing a new beginning
  4. Windswept – barely begun
  5. Hannelore – 15%
  6. Heliotaxis – FROGGED
    ^Handspun Aestlight
  7. Cat – 10% FROGGED
    Lara Hat DONE
    Pomatomus Socks FROGGED
    ^ Rock Island – barely begun
  8. Tunisian Blanket – 40%
  9. Hexapuffs – 11 made Current Count: 19
  10. Rosa rubiginosa mitt (ferry project added 12/10/12) DONE

Nine Ten items. As one is removed, I’ll add a replacement target. There is plenty to be going at.

A previous project diet worked well for me – I allowed one new cast-on for every two cast-offs. I intend now to move to a more rigorous diet and allow a small project in exchange for two cast-offs e.g. socks or hat. In order to start a new triangle or scarf I shall need to cast off three projects. If I want to make a sweater or a large shawl or blanket then four consecutive projects must be completed.

This diet will run until 31st December 2012 and is then subject to review.

This page is for keeping track of progress.

Your support is welcome.

13 October  2012 –  reordered the above priorities

Completed to date:

  1. Benny soft toy,
  2. red bag for felting,
  3. Turn a Square hat,
  4. square felted bowl,
  5. Echoes of Eden mitts,
  6. Lara hood
  7. Rosa rubiginosa mitts

Frogged: Antalya hat, Cat shawl, Pomatomus socks, Heliotaxis

UFO count now = 20