Project Review September 2012

I went for it. I tipped out all of my knitting for review.

That’s two Tesco hessian shopping bags, 1 small plastic skip, 1 medium plastic skip, 1 large wicker shopping basket, and a laundry bin on wheels…

Here is what I found:

Hessian Bag #1

  • the Tunisian Crochet stashbuster blanket – LIVE  project (1)  COMPLETED JANUARY 2015

Hessian Bag #2

  • the Pi blanket project (2)

Removed from Hessian Bag # 2:  old Tunisian practice piece (no longer counting)

Turquoise skip –

  • Hannelore (3), 2mm Nova circular
  • Heliotaxis (4),3.5mm interchangeables FROGGED
  • Fair Isle practice piece, 3.5mm interchangeables (no longer counting)

Purple skip –

  • Benny, for making up, (5)
  • KAL cape, 4.5mm interchangeables, (6)
  • Cat shawl, 3.25mm Aero straights (7) FROGGED
  • High Seas scarf, 3.5mm Nova straights (8) 
  • Hexapuffs, 4mm Addi Turbo circular LIVE project

Wicker Basket –

  • Windswept Shawl, 3.75mm interchangeables (9) LIVE with the intention of completion for 2015 Show
  • Kadril, 2.5mm Nova straights (10) FROGGED and eliminated
  • Carrier bag of assorted projects in need of finishing processes
    • Cabled hat for grafting (11)  FROGGED – proved impossible to graft. 3 needle bind off also failed.
    • Project bag in need of a zip (12)
    • silk scarf needing re-grafting (13) DONE and SHOWN 2014 First Prize
    • Norie hat for frogging
    • bag for sewing up and felting (14) DONE

Laundry basket –

  • Autumn Arbor, 3.75mm needles, barely started (15)
  • Evenstar shawl, 20% 3.5mm Nova circulars (16)
  • Rock Island, barely started, 4.00mm Nova straights (17)
  • Lara Hat, barely started 3.75mm Signature straights (18) bumped up and into the wicker basket DONE
  • 2 half pairs of Echoes of Eden fingerless mitts (19)  DONE
  • Handspun Aestlight, body done, needs edging (20)
  • Teardop, beaded, barely started (21) tempted to frog and de-count, but I actually want to make this REVIVED and LIVE  July 2014 current ferry knitting project
  • Shawl design project, 6mm plastic straights (22)
  • Wings of the Dove, 15%, 4.5mm straights (23)
  • Jubilee cardigan (24) COMPLETED August 2013
  • Cowl design project ready to test knit
  • Hat design project (25)
  • Sugar Plum Fairy  sweater (26) FROGGED JANUARY 2015,  in order to reknit
  • fingerless mittens 50% (27)  sample knit, worth making the pair, bumped up and into the wicker basket DONE
  • cuffs 50% – sample knit, not sure I want to make the other, now in wicker basket (no longer counting)
  • Pomatomus socks, first sock cuff, 2.75mm Brittany short DPNS, bumped up and into the wicker basket (28) FROGGED
  • Square bowl intended to be felted (29) DONE
  • Turn a Square hat (30) DONE
  • Colinette Urchin – FROGGED
  • Dido scarf – FROGGED
  • Jessie Lambdin shawl – FROGGED
  • Lace Fichu – FROGGED
  • Icing scarf – FROGGED

 The formerly undisclosed hopper under the workbench

  • The sock yarn domino square blanket (31)

I have rid myself of just four real projects by frogging. This makes me think that I should revisit the list and identify more items that my heart does not lie in.

31 unfinished projects, most of them large.

I am going to rearrange the projects such that anything that can be quickly finished is kept in the wicker basket. Priorities and live knits will be in the skips. “Tackle eventually” will be in the laundry basket.

So, now we need a plan:

Priority: KAL cape

Daily duty: Hexapuffs (HAHA)

Early finishers: Benny (√), four projects needing finishing processes (one done, one frogged so far), Cat Shawl, Lara Hat (√), echoes of eden mitt (√), pomatomus socks, High Seas, felted bowl (√), Turn A Square (√)

By the end of the year?

(Page edited 8th September to include undocumented felting bowl project)

(Page edited 9th September to include undocumented hat project)

(Page edited August 2014 to update completed items)


  1. Benny 10/9/12
  2. Kenaz felted bag 10/9/12
  3. Turn a Square Hat 11/9/12
  4. Felted square bowl 11/9/12
  5. Echoes of Eden Mitts 21/9/12 (made another with picked-up edging, replacing original sewn one, which will be frogged)
  6. Lara 12/10/12
  7. Rosa Rubiginosa Mitts 25/10/12
  8. KAL Cape 28/2/13
  9. High Seas 23/07/13
  10. Jubilee cardigan 28/08/13
  11. Red Emperor silk scarf  july  2014


  1. Antalya 12/9/12
  2. Cat shawl 19/9/12
  3. Pomatomus sock 13/10/12
  4. Heliotaxis shawl 28/10/12