Knitters Loom Stand

A403 Knitters Loom Stand

I love my Knitters Loom but if I had to find one fault with it I would point to the notches designed to rest the loom on a table edge. It is fine if like me your table is not a highly polished and treasured piece of antique mahogany… but what if it is? The notches are not protected by baize pads or anything similar.

Well, if you have a treasured table that you don’t want to risk scratching, Ashford have the solution — a dedicated Loom Stand for the Knitters Loom.

  • Lacquered solid Silver Beech hardwood
  • Matches your Knitters Loom
  • Available in two sizes: 30cm(12ins) and 50cm(20ins)
  • Easy and fast to assemble and attach/detach
  • Weave anytime anywhere, without a table

I bought my (50cm/20″) stand in order to keep my weaving off the ground and away from cat-attack. The added benefit is that I can now take my loom to other places (like Spinning Group!) without fear of offending my hostess by damaging her table.

The loom stand arrives packaged in the usual stout Ashford box, with individual pieces protected inside by butcher paper.


There are six wooden pieces, with metal fixings already attached. Also included is the usual bag-of-bits, in this case 4 screw knobs and 4 washers, and a single sheet of clear instructions.

The instructions have just four simple steps.

Step one: attach the footbar to the sidebar (first) and foot (second) using one of the screw knobs, not forgetting the washer. The sidebar is shaped to form a snug fit in the sidebar, which is recessed to take it.

Step 2: add the top bar in the same manner, using the second screw knob and washer

Step 3: add the left side and foot, in the same manner as the right – you now have a loom stand!

Step 4: add your loom!

To attach the loom, slacken off the centre knobs, where the loom folds for storage, until there is sufficient bare bolt to drop into the metal supports on each side piece of the stand.

Adjust the loom to your desired angle and then tighten the (loom) knobs to hold it in place.

Hey presto, you are ready to go!

To remove the loom just slacken off the centre loom knobs again and lift your loom off.

Using the loom stand

I tested the stand out this afternoon (12/01/2011) and I am very well pleased with it so far. The working position is more comfortable than at my table and there is less strain across my shoulders. Weaving seems faster, and I believe looks more even. I even find that the down shed, which had been giving me problems, is easier to maintain when the loom is on the stand. I confess that I only wove for an hour, and about six inches. If further use convinces me differently, I shall update this page at a later time.

We discount the price if you purchase a stand at the same time as your loom.