Sock Serenity for Handspun Knitters

Handspun Sock

There  is little more satisfying that knitting a sock that fits perfectly. Knitting an item with our very own handspun is right up there, though. But what about knitting a pair of socks from your own yarn? That could well  be the pinnacle of satisfying hand-crafted achievement.

There is a belief that knitting socks is difficult, painful, time-consuming. It need be none of those things. Knitting socks is a whole lot easier than you might think, and can actually be pretty quick if you choose to make a chunky sock.

Socks have the added advantage of not requiring much  yarn, so they make a very good vehicle for displaying your handspun if you are too excited about it to want to spin more before knitting with it.

So, why not join us in making a pair of socks from your handspun yarn? We promise to demystify the process, debunk some of the myths, and to make the whole exercise fun. You will have a pair of finished socks before you know it.

This is an on-going set of articles, please use this menu to navigate.

  1. Socks are Scary (a myth debunked)
    • General sock architecture
  2. Fibre and Yarn Selection (it’s your choice)
    • Horses for Courses
  3. Needles and Architecture (overview)
    • Direction
    • Needles
    • Heels and Toes
  4. Making Socks Part 1
    • Swatching
    • Measuring
    • Starting off in top-down and toe-up directions
    • Toe-up toes
  5. Making Socks Part 2: Continuing Top-down Socks
    • Finishing the leg
    • Trying on for fit
    • Making the heel flap
    • Turning the Heel
  6. Making Socks Part 3: The Toe-up Sock – Toe to Heel
  7. Making Socks Part 4: Completing the Top-Down Sock
    • Picking up the gusset stitches
    • Shaping the Gusset
    • Working the toe
  8. Making Socks Part 5: Toe-up Sock – completing that heel
  9. Making Socks Part 6: Finishing the toe-up sock
    • Joining in new yarn
    • Sewn cast off

Articles 1 to 3 are introductory background material, aimed at making the knitter feel comfortable with sock knitting concepts and enabling the new sock knitter to make informed choices about the particular sock they hope to knit from Article 4 onwards.

We will blog when new articles appear and we would love to have you share your progress in the blog or via photographs in the Flickr group.