Ashford Silk Merino Sliver

We now have the Silk/Merino (20/80) blend Ashford Sliver in the shop. Selling at £6.50 for 100g. We have the four latest shades and will bring in more if these sell well.

Postage for fibre starts at £2.50, which is a little less than the actual cost of mailing. Buying larger quantities will get you a £1.00 reduction on the postage. Buy 6oog or more in one transaction and we’ll mail it out for free.

The sliver is fabulous stuff. We all love the natural fibres but every now and again crave an injection of colour. The Ashford Sliver is a little more affordable than the hand-dyed creations we’d really love to be spinning but is lovely stuff nonetheless.  It spins very easily and is very pleasant to handle. The finished yarns knit up beautifully.

It’s a cheap treat – practically cheaper than chocolate, and it lasts far longer (and is less fattening)!

We’ll consider requests for particular colours from the wider range, just leave a comment below if you crave Juniper or Peppercorns or Spice or… (me, I’d have the whole lot, if I could)

There’s a helpful PDF  flyer at Ashford’s site with a colour chart

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