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Grab it quick!


I have just received an email from Texere with news of another Flash Sale. This one looks really good – Cashmere, Angora and Wool sliver at £2.50 for 50g. It’s undyed and the exact fibre composition – type of “wool” or percentages is not given. The offer is on for 2 days (or I […]

Swirly thinking


There has been a Knitting Incident. I am  relieved that no damage was done. Every part of my being wants to cast on something new and exciting. It is not helping that two of the knitters that I follow seem to have more or less simultaneously completed a Swirl jacket. So close together are their FOs […]

The Birth of the Blob


  You know what this means, don’t you? Yup. That’s right. No progress on The Evil Mittens of Doom. Despite attempting a claim that the hand part of mitten no 1 would be done by the end of Tuesday, here we are at Thursday and it’s not done. Not even close. Not even yet into […]



My knitting is poop. A pile of poop. A heaping pile of steaming, smelly poop. That is all. Consider yourselves updated. (I may never knit another pair of traditional mittens in my lifetime.)

Forging on


The third  Polyommatus corydon Sock is completed. That’s one positive side to this weather – there is plenty of time to knit when one cannot go out and about.  One of the down sides is that it is too dark to take a nice FO picture, so the FO post shall have to wait. I’ve just […]



Oh. What can I say? I’ve been feeling a tad rough and those mittens… well, I’m just not feeling the love. I need to knit to avoid being bored but I really did not want to knit them. I needed Something Else. I also needed to be mindful of the UFO-reduction intention for this month. […]

Sole Comfort


This knitter is not feeling up to par at the moment. No boring or yukky details. let’s just say that I am off colour, the weather is bleak, and I am in need of a little comfort and cheer.  I hate getting up in the darkness too. So, sitting there in the deep gloom of a […]

Rampant Blanket


The Stashbuster Blanket is growing like a thing possessed and I see the end in sight already. I have elected to finish the project when I reach the point of  running out of grey yarn. We are currently at 38″ and I think will be done early in the coming week – unless I listen […]

Blanket Progress


Now, when I say blanket progress, I am decidedly not asserting that I have made progress on everything. Far from it. As I mentioned in my last post, I could not find any knitting in my UFO pile to enthral or enthuse. So what did I do? I dug out my Tunisian Crochet stashbuster blanket […]



Happy New Year! I completed the thrummed socks yesterday morning and handed them over before we began cooking our anniversary dinner. Yes, thank you. Delicious. The socks have been taking up every spare minute recently, what with making the thrums an’ all – this means that I have yet to skein off the new Colourmart […]

Thrumming along


The first thrummed sock is completed – I actually stitched the toe in bed last night as we watched Californication  (almost done now, we are on the last series and ready almost for something new – suggestions gratefully received although we are considering the entire Comic Strip Presents). I turned the sock inside out to […]

In the mail


Postie brought me a Colourmart package this morning. I have 600 grams of grey alpaca DK and a kilo of Cashmere and Cotton which is supposedly Aran weight but barely makes the DK weight required for the pattern. The alpaca is for a sweater for  me  – a Grey Havens by Maria Olson   Is that not […]