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Knitting in public


Today was World Wide Knitting in Public day. It was also my usual day for spending a couple of hours at the Heritage Centre manning the shop. I usually take my wheel with me to while away the time, but it seemed appropriate to take my knitting today. I also broadcast on the local Facebook […]

Lambing time


It’s April. It’s Spring. The Daffodils are flowering (yes, still, up here). We’ve had snow flurries, are due to get more tomorrow, along with a northerly gale – and the first of our ewes has presented us with triplets! I discovered them this morning when I went into the byre first thing. Apologies for the […]

Catching up


Well, here we are – it’s March – and I’ve not blogged for ages. So here’s a quick catch up. I’ve been spinning some fibre on the Traveller that I blended a while back, both hackling it and drumcarding it. I’m going to ply it with some of my Shetland yarn to get a nice […]

Spinning day


Norma and Jennifer joined me at spinning today, Norma bringing her wheel and Jennifer her knitting. Jennifer’s designed a waistcoat where various sized squares of many colours are knitted, then crocheted together. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops. Jennifer brought some knitting that she’d done over Christmas, and Norma and I both admired […]

Knitting into the New Year


Well, 2016 has started the way that 2015 ended. Wet and windy. I finally finished my replacement fingerless mitten a few weeks ago, and it has already proved its worth, the restored pair keeping my hands warm through this cold weather. I’ve started knitting a second pair. The Shawl has certainly come up to expectations […]

“Alarums and Excursions”


(Ok, that’s a bit of a misuse of the expression, but I’ve always loved it.) It’s been a hectic couple of days this week. Shanty, one of our two horses, had been a bit subdued on Wednesday, and on Thursday morning didn’t eat her breakfast. Now, as this is a horse that normally eats like […]

A beautiful day


Well, today was definitely a day to be outside. I cleared about two-thirds of the area I’d intended to before I ran out of steam. But the promised photos are really bad, so I won’t share them with you. A friend very kindly gave me a pack of Woosheeps gradient yarn – in purple. Now […]

A Beautiful Morning


It’s a lovely day out there at the moment. The sun is shining and there’s very little wind. I took Barnaby’s rug off this morning so that he can have a good roll in the mud! I think it’s a morning for bushwacking some weeds and clearing an area for tree-planting. I’ll take some before […]

This ‘n’ that


Well, the sheep have settled into their new routines. Dotty still expects to eat her food out of the bucket, but that’s easier now there’s not a full-grown ewe trying to get her head into the bucket as well. The moorit Shetland still comes across to the fence to be fed there, but that’s more […]

The Great Sheep Shuffle


Today was lamb-weaning day. Our nine Lleyn ewes had produced 14 lambs, eight ewe lambs and six ram lambs. We’d kept three of the ram labs entire, as we want to keep one back to cover the ewes later this year, so today, it wasn’t just a case of separate the ewes from the lambs, […]