Back to normalish

The past few days have been busy and not much fun. The good bit is that a couple of long standing issues have been cleared up, weight has been lifted from shoulders, and I am feeling a touch more cheerful than of late. I had to skip spinning this week and knitting has been back boilered a  little, but it’s all good when viewed from the longer perspective.

Mr L steadily improved over the weekend but hit the downgrade again when he returned to his desk on Monday. I am more than pleased that he received a call from the local hospital this morning and I shall be going along with him to Out Patients on Monday. The car is booked on the ferry and we shall be able to bring some shopping home. That’s good, I shall go mad if I don’t see some salad soon — or  a few veg that do not look like Neeps or Leeks. A trip to Donaldson’s is well overdue too – I shall be stocking up on sausage and dry cure bacon.

I’m working on my Orchid Thief this evening – to a finish, in fact. Tomorrow I shall do my best to face my demons and sort Lara out. Once she’s fettled, I think more crocheting will be in order. Then I must sort out something portable for the ferry next week. I am drawn to the Pomatomi but must acknowledge that the pattern is a tad intricate for working among the bustle of the boat. Perhaps I’ll seek out the yarn for the second Rosa rubiginosa mitt. or I could make hexapuffs…

Overall, I am itching to cross a couple more UFOs from the list. This casting on business seems to have less attraction than it formerly did.

Puzzles next week! I hope that Mr L will be feeling more up to it for the Sydney hunt.

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