(Bad) News from KnitPro

KnitPro have been in touch to recall the Karbonz range of Carbon Fibre knitting needles (which have now left East Midlands and are en route to us.)

Apparently a review of processes revealed inconsistencies in the manufacture of this range. KnitPro are recalling all Karbonz items.

Yesterday on July 02, while reviewing our whole manufacturing programme we realized that there was some inconsistency in regard to the quality of these needles. At the same time, we are glad to inform you that we have developed the process to solve the problem. However in order to avoid any confusion to the customers, we have decided to take back all the Karbonz needles from you at our cost and replace these with good needles.

We are to return ours to the manufacturing base and await replacements. This exchange may take several weeks.

We apologise  for the delay, which is well and truly out of our hands.

It is however reassuring to note KnitPro’s commitment to standards and we can only applaud the swiftness with which they have dealt with their problem.

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