Bank Holiday Waffle

One of the things that I love about Sanday Spinners is the people. I just spent a good half hour chatting to a lovely lady who wants to learn to spin. Of course, now I am itching to sit at my own wheel for an hour or two. There is not much spoiling as Mr L’s work is based in England, and so we are on holiday today (long lie in, waffles and maple syrup for breakfast, that kind of thing). It would be easy to get one of the wheels out and just sit and spin. I probably shan’t though.

Edging the Rivington

Edging the Rivington

Yesterday I was strong enough to lay down my Rivington Cowl and pick up the cardigan. I am very aware that the month end is imminent and that I made a firm promise to myself to complete the cardi by the end of this month.  I did make headway last night, but not much. It is very slow work now and immensely unwieldy (and heavy).  The good news is that I am working towards the final increase. It’s just stocking stitch, back and forth, for a few more centimetres now… and a giant cast off. Pocket linings need doing, and a little grafting and seaming at the end. The only problem is that a couple of rows at a time seems to be more than enough!

It's getting there...

It’s getting there…

I am going to be so proud when it is done. And relieved.

It is almost lunchtime and we are still waiting for the mist to clear and the sun to emerge. Mr L plans on painting more of the outside of the house. Me, I shall be preparing a steak supper. I am baking a whole soft cheese and making flatbreads to dip in it. After that only a light main course, I reckon – a simple griddled steak with salad, new potatoes and maybe a side of garlic mushrooms (Mr L says “and onion rings!“) We shall dig out the best bottle of red that we have, kick back, and listen to the Pink Floyd/Darkside programmes on Radio 2. (Hmmm…  Spinalong to Syd?)

We may need another Bank Holiday day off to get over that little lot.

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