A Beautiful Hue

My knee is beginning to look much like the yarn for the A Hap for Harriet.

Being on the Injury List has been good for the knitting.  I have managed to eschew the beautiful purple and blue yarn and leave the Hap aside in favour of some finishing.  Having turned the Rainstorm Shawl round and picked up the stitches on Wednesday evening, I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in knitting my way through the 2nd chart. I have about 12 rows to go and am eyeing my yarn ball with grave suspicion. Theoretically I have around 30 yards in hand. This is clearly not going to be the case in practice. I just hope that there is sufficient to finish the job… We shall find that out later today.

The rainstorm makes such good progress because I am knitting on straight needles. I try to do small shawls on straights whenever I can – I get greater speed and better tension that way. The 40 cm (a whopping 15 inches!) Nova needles are wonderful for the task – long enough to hold masses of stitches, lovely sharp points for handling the lace stitches and nice slippery metal to keep things flowing smoothly. I love them. I find that I can knit tirelessly for hours when I use them. Yesterday I knitted almost solidly from 1 pm to 10 pm and had no pain at all. Wonderful needles. Wish I could say “wonderful” about the way that the camera represents the colour of the yarn. It’s done a really poor job.

Almost done

Almost done

Well, when I say that I had no pain, I actually had much pain… which was why I chose to sit in my chair and knit rather than get up and move around and do more sensible things. It’s the hamstring that is hobbling me. The knee looks awful but is moving quite freely. The other leg is giving me such grief and mainly in sitting down and getting up. Once I find a comfortable position I am apt to stay in it.

Once the Rainstorm Shawl terminates (careful choice of words there) I think I may stay with the bruise-coloured knitting and knit the second Vanessa antiopa sock. This is a surprise to me but I am clearly in Finishing Mode and the project is sitting there in my Ravelry notebook, half completed. I wonder where I stashed my WIP?

So, I shall knit socks if I can find them. Otherwise, or afterwards, I hope that I will divide my time between the Hap and the Rivulet cardigan. Both are simple knitting and should progress well, when time allows. The Cherry Blossom Stole does beckon strongly and my voice of knitting reason will inform me that it could make an entry in this year’s Show…

As suspected, Mr L has stated his intention to remove walls this weekend. Knitting time will be limited as I and the dogs and the cats will be under the table, tin hats and ear defenders at the ready.

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