Being greedy

Very busy today. I am tidying my desk. It’s not long since I did that  but it never stays tidy for long as I have my fingers in so many pies. Today I have the added task of increasing the free acreage on my desk – I am to have a second monitor!

Now, that’s just plain greedy, don’t you think?

I have a before picture but I think I shall save that until I can display the after too.

In actual fact I need to bottom the entire room, plus the conservatory. It’s not long now until the first Soulka of the year and we need to put on our shiny face. It’s a good job that I partook of a hearty breakfast! I’m trying to keep on top of the hens’ production, but it’s not easy. This morning we had ours poached. So far as Ena and Elsie are concerned, every egg of theirs is poached!

Don’t forget to enter our crossword competition – there are no correct entries in yet and a pair of Karbonz at stake, don’t miss out!

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