Boldly Gone

It has been a bad day so far. I elected to make Mulligatawny Soup with Stuffed Naan. I set the onion stuffing to caramelise, started the soup off, went to the spice drawer for the spices and the drawer front fell off onto my foot.  I hopped into the other room for the lentils and found that I was short for the soup recipe. Making the best of a bad job, I came up here to attend to some work. When I returned to the kitchen, the onions had turned a shade of mahogany. I think I’ll just defrost some shop-bought naan now…

Kirk boldly came and boldly went again, leaving something of a warp trail behind him. It’s still breezy but it’s a beautiful fresh day and the light this morning made me wish that I could get out and about with my camera.

My desk is littered with body parts. Benny’s constituent pieces are all done and I now have to wait for the eyes and nose to arrive before I can stuff his head. I am not sure that making soft toys is going to be my thing. They are a nice idea but I lack the constitution, I think, for making fiddly bits such as ears. Even the tail, which I fashioned in bed last night, bored me to tears.

The ears were horrible to do – my DPNs kept falling out. I knitted the first ear while plugging a hole in my literary education. I noticed that A Tale of Two Cities was on the iPlayer. I like a bit of Dirk Bogarde now and again and I realised that I had never read the book, nor seen any production before. Hmm. It was not very good. Of its time, I suppose. (A classic piece of overacting from Madame Defarges provoked much hilarity.)

I’ll try one more toy, but on Magic Loop next time. If I still think it’s too much hassle, I’ll retire from the toy-making field with grace.

Now that Benny Fever is dispensed with, I shall return to my cape this afternoon. Must make sure that all the turmeric is washed from my fingers first 🙂 Ideally I want to be past the second corner before Knit & Natter tomorrow. I can’t say that I feel much desire to be working on the cape – just responsibility. Actually, I can’t say that I feel much like going to Knit & Natter. Feeling distinctly “off” this week and barely dragging myself about, to be honest.


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