Bright and early, no breeziness involved

Yesterday was an early start – I had to go to the dentist and Kelly was picking me up with the bus at 07:30. I was in a rush but I did pause to try and capture the beauty of the early morning mist.



Mondays are long days and I was faced with 7 hours in town, and only a ten minute appointment to fill my day with. I decided to flash my new travel pass and catch a bus to Stromness, taking my camera with me in order to pass the time I rather thought I might visit the art gallery but it turned out to be closed on Mondays. Typical.

Stromness is very picturesque and I planned to gather loads of shots in the brilliant sunshine. Alas, most of the town appears to be under construction! There was scaffolding everywhere and builders lorries at every turn. They rather marred most potential shots.

I did enjoy my dawdle though and I lusted after many beautiful objects in the shops – succumbing to a second brooch purchase for my Jubilee cardigan, from a shop named Cream. Cream is online and you can see a brooch from the same range in the shop here. The one that I bought is exactly the right shade for my cardigan. It looks great. I’ll take a photo soon.

An Open Windows Exhibition occupied much of my time – part of the John Rae 200th Anniversary celebrations, visual artists’ works inspired by the Arctic Explorer from Stromness are on display in windows all along the street. I tried to take photographs but the reflections in the strong sunlight marred all the shots and left little worth looking at, sad to say.


Who is that getting in on the act?

Who is that getting in on the act?

As I was passing the Northlight Studio I noticed the current exhibition is a joint one between Ros Bryant and Janet Clark. Janet is an old friend of Sanday Spinners and I mentioned this to Ros, who was holding the fort in the studio. We had a lovely chat and I also chatted to Millie, the dog.




I admired greatly a wonderful tapestry map of the Orkney islands and asked if I might photograph it to show to Mr L so that I could tell him how much I would like to own it. Then Ros told me the asking price. It’s beautiful and well worth the price, given that she put 3 months’ work into it, but I shall never be able to afford it. I also admired some of Janet’s pieces, one in particular begged to be brought home with me but I rated its cat-appeal as being far too high and the potential for art-destruction far too great.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short, after I noticed that Ros has a tapestry weaving course starting soon, we held a conversation about her coming out to Sanday to do a short course for us. The prospect is exciting indeed. I know of more than one person on the island who will share that excitement with us.

More shots from Stromness?

Knitting news, if you wanted it: I took my doily out with me. According the the Great Doily Plan, it is now the 20th of September. Go, me.

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