Bullet Points

  • I am away to town today. Unfortunately I probably will not have time to pick up any food shopping.
  • the socks are coming with me
  • the KAL cape is bounding along and has rekindled my interest. Can’t wait to see the edging forming. Just 4 body rows left to go.
  • the KnitPro package is still on Orkney !
  • the Glaciers are Melting shawl is still extremely damp. “Damp” is a euphemism
  • I am still v much enamoured of the shawl
  • I will need to return to Kirkwall on Friday. This does not make me happy, nor does it help the cape move towards its edging. It will however help to feed us, whereas the Land Rover will not… as it refuses to go to the shop (or anywhere at all)
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