Do you recall that a few weeks ago I was enquiring if there was any interest in the Ashford Merino/Silk sliver? Well, we are taking the plunge, albeit in a small way, and have ordered a few bumps to try out in the shop. We are getting all four of the new shades:

  •  Storm  # 109 – Midnight shades of ruby and grey
  •  Sunset # 110 – Soothing warm tones from crimson to purple
  •  Sorbet # 111 – Pastel milkshake blend
  •  Gemstone # 112 – Rich jewel tones

If they sell well we shall get more colours in.

We should have the sliver up for sale in a week or so.

We are also buying an E-spinner for a demo machine. This little machine is attracting a lot of interest at the new price and we thought we ought to get in on the action.  We shall be road testing it ourselves and will write up a review once we have formed an opinion. The machine will be available locally for hire to our fellow spinners.

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