Buy, buy, buy!

All the new stock is now on site. We are feeling pretty pleased  with the KnitPro pricing and we hope that it will please you too. Bargain of the moment would appear to be the Karbonz Deluxe Interchangeables set, which we have put on at £69.50 with free postage. The Bamboo sets are pretty keenly priced too. Don’t miss the Comby 2 Interchangeable sets either,  if you are curious about the new ranges. The first Comby set has always been a popular item and we expect Comby 2 to fly off the shelves as quickly. Comby 2 gives you the chance to try Karbonz, Bamboo and Nova Cubics.

We have been busy shopping for ourselves: I got myself a set of needle size ID discs. Gill was a little more ambitious and treated herself to a couple of packs of T-pins, a Needle Sizer and a lovely Lily stick pin. She wore the stick pin on her Bridgewater Shawl at Spinning Group yesterday and, as I had my camera with me, I decided to grab a little illustration.


Lily on Bridgewater again

Lily on Bridgewater 

One thing to remember – unlike many eBay sellers, we don’t include the postage on KnitPro. It works for us as we look so much cheaper per item, but it works for you too. They bury the cost of postage in every item, we make it explicit and you pay only once – just £1.30, even  if you decide to choose one of everything. In fact, spend £27.50 and we’ll send your KnitPro items free of charge – genuinely free of charge, not marked up to include the postage. (Special rates apply to straight knitting needles)

Really, there’s no excuse not to spend, spend, spend… is there?

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