Cake and Cardigans

(EDIT: Just found this entry that apparently failed to post properly on Friday last)

Having been woken in the night by a developing migraine, you may imagine the scene when I drew open the curtains this morning. The blinding white light literally knocked me backwards.

Generally it has been a quiet day of little progress, but I did wind the remainder of my yarn. The first skein was wound last evening and I made a quick swatch.

I think it will do

I think it will do

I am actually pretty happy with it and think that it will do. It is not washed yet and I do need to do that final check but at the moment it comes up pretty much dead on a gauge of 4 stitches and 6 rows to the inch. It looks well.


Gill came to pick up her fruit cake today. I gave her a wodge of yesterday’s spinning cake. I had a piece with my afternoon coffee. For a gluten-free recipe, it’s not bad at all.

Coffee and Cake

Coffee and Cake

To be honest, I could happily wade into a vat of that cream cheese frosting.

I almost cast on the Rivulet this afternoon but I felt ambivalent. The pattern gives a stated number of stitches option but a small voice tells me to measure an existing sweater and to do the maths – and, of course, I should recount the swatch after it has been washed. Thus, gratification has been deferred.

I’ve been working on menu planning and shopping lists instead.  Tomorrow should be good – Mr L is making a Beef Madras and I am providing Bombay Potatoes and a batch of Puri. Plans for his birthday dinner next week are well in hand.

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