Call for Recipes

Mr L says our doctor is a nasty, nasty man 🙂

So. The meds that Mr L is taking include steroids – he has been advised to take a minimum of 30 minutes exercise daily and follow a reduced calorie diet, to guard against weight gain.

That’s not so bad, is easily coped with, and I can join in and benefit for myself whilst I am supporting him.

Now for the nasty bit. The other meds affect the way that the body deals with both salt and sugar. He has to have none of either. No salt. No sugar. No substituting with honey or maple syrup either.



Well, at least I can add salt to my meals, even if I cannot cook with it. Or would that just be mean? I don’t use salt in baking, or much salt in cooking, and have not salted veg other than potatoes for probably over 30 years. Spuds need it. As does pasta and rice.

Sugar will be less of a problem for me, as I rarely take sugar. Never in coffee or tea and I don’t like sweet carbonated drinks or squashes or anything like that. Nor do I add sugar to my breakfast cereal, except for a very little brown sugar to some more boring dishes. He however sugars his cereal liberally, takes sugar in his coffee and loves his pop but hates water. This will be difficult for him. Very.

And wait until I talk to him about the sugars in beer…

I shall have to stop baking, I suppose.

Anyway – any useful recipe suggestions for good tasty food sans salt/sugar, gratefully received! Experiences of such a diet will also be welcome.

The good news we have come home with is that, although biopsies were taken last week, there is no suggestion of any cancer. The biopsies are to determine the causes of the problems that he does have and not because there was any hint of a mass. That is what I had thought but it is good to have that confirmed officially.

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  1. SpinningGill 23rd October 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    Phew! That’s a relief!
    I never cook rice or pasta with salt, just olive oil in the water. Don’t put salt in tatties either. Bread does need it though. Can you stew sweeter types of fruit fruit to go with porridge or anything like that?

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