Can I go back to bed?

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I hate  days like this, they just sap everything out of me and leave me feeling disgruntled. There is insufficient light to do anything useful (I really must tax the old man about getting my daylight tubes fitted!) and little will to do anything else.

We survived the night – all slates intact. The sea stayed out of the garden – for much the same reason as we got so little sleep, the wind moved round to the West and spent the night battering our bedroom window (which also whistles through the frame.) We touched 82mph last night, with an average Force 10. Miraculously, we woke to find that we still had power. Not necessarily a good thing, as Mr L quite enjoys an enforced duvet day. Me, I find that it generates a little excitement unlike  the same day with power, when bulbs give only a weak defence against the gloom and knitting and spinning are nigh impossible. I cannot even look forward to cooking lunch as we planned a 3 minute pasta meal, in case of no electricity.

We have been talking this morning about the irony of (we expect) being unable to have a wind turbine, due to our proximity to overhead power lines. We were having pleasant fantasies about a night storage Aga. Sigh.

So, that’s it for me today. There’s nothing going on and very little progress to be expected in the cape finishing direction. What are you up to the day? Hope you, dear reader are warm and dry and not in the least buffeted by gale or storm.

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