Carrying on carrying on

I’m still in completion mode here. The big surprise is that I am enjoying it and it does not feel like a chore. I can only assume that the ease of working in my new studio is just making everything so much less daunting.

Look at this – there is a Frosted Ferns actually  blocking!

I gave it a dunk in the sink and then in some starch. I’ve pinned it out to approx 25″.

It was not an easy process and I believe that had I been working on it under my old setup, it would have been out of the window in no time at all. As it is, I have done a less than perfect job – but it is quite “good enough” for me.

And that’s not all – here’s the felted Kindle pouch

It seems that I almost incapable of taking a decent photograph of this item. When I’ve worked some kind of closure for the flap, I’ll make a proper attempt with the tripod and lights. Anyway, the good news is that it fits almost as well as if I had planned it. LOL. So it was worth the  back of the envelope calculation. As expected, the flap is a little too short, but I was too mean to buy a third ball of yarn. In effect, it came out almost exactly as anticipated. It’s sturdier than I had thought it might be.

I really am on a roll here. I managed to fit in some spinning again yesterday. I skeined off the first plyed bobbin of the merino/silk roving that has been on Morgana for a while. I finished spinning the singles and while I set  them aside to set overnight, I tried spinning some Norwegian. I made a real dog’s breakfast of that. It is horrible stuff – like horsehair! The problem now is that I have to crack on with something that I hate in order to be able to ply the remainder of the merino/silk and add it to the pile of skeins to be washed. In fact, I think I am going to avoid the task and instead finish the batt that I am spinning on the Traveller.

Either way, I need to empty both wheels and then start some fleece… and have two singles ready for plying by Soulka time.

The holidays are over now and it’s back to routine tomorrow, although it will be a new routine.It will involve “going to work” in the studio, while Mr L goes to his work in his own office. There is going to be far more structure to our week. My plan is to  get far more spinning done than I have been able to in the past. There will still be knitting, of course! I also hope to get some weavng done.

I am hoping that the  package of sample yarn will arrive from Hunter tomorrow. If it does not, I think I shall try hunting for the bag of “projects for completion” – this is not a pile of proper UFOs but essentially items that I have finished knitting but that still need sewing up or grafting or blocking or some other small task that I have previously been unmotivated to do. I know that it is around here somewhere… If I cannot find it I shall just have to knuckle down to tinking that Kadril scarf!

Obviously there must be a big Ravelry updating session any day now.

Gill mentioned to me how long she has been on Rav, so I looked up my profile. I have my fifth Ravelry anniversary in  a month’s time. A good time then to crack on and tidy up my project and stash records.

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