Catch up

All this concentrating on Knit Crochet Blog Week has rather got in the way of the more routine stuff.  Here’s a quick catch-up on what I have been up to

  • Paul’s Photography Challenge: A blogger set a photo challenge, with each participant nominating a topic. I chose “Street” and other topics ranged from Industrial to “Fog” and back again to Closeup. I have been on a steep learning curve and loving every moment of it. The results are appearing in my photo blog and I am almost complete on my challenges now.
  • I also, after a nod from PeediePanda, got myself a Blipfoto account. It was supposed to make me use the camera every day but does not appear to be working properly in that respect. Yet.
  • Treacle the cat has been poorly and had to be taken to the vet. He is much improved but not 100% yet and still apt to take a tumble sideways if he moves his head too quickly.
  • There is another learning curve for me, several in fact, as I am going back to work, for Mr L and helping him with his new software product. I have an awful lot to learn. It’s not easy at my age. I am almost a pensioner, you know (only 3 weeks now…)
  • There has been little baking recently, so not much happening in my baking blog – but I did make a cake. This reminds me that I need to go give it a drink of rum later today!
  • Not much knitting happening, except for on the ferry. My ferry knitting project is growing well and will grow some more as…
  • …we had a trip to the dentist yesterday. Finally, after 10 years, we have an NHS dentist. I need to  go back for some treatment and have two more appointments, at least. The two appointments that I have made both fall on a Spinning day, of course.
  • Mr L made a weekend of it and took today off as well as yesterday, so I am all mixed up today and think that it is Saturday and am wondering what happened to my curry. We have been busy with laundry and roof-patching but are looking forward to a quiet evening with some silly telly (Fringe) on the laptop and a nice bottle of wine. As my bedding both fell off the line AND got a soaking, I need to sort out a solution before we retire for our early night!
  • I have been speaking with Gill and we may have some Sanday Spinners news to give you soon. Change is in the wind.

So, what have you been up to? Come on, don’t make me do all the work around here!

Oh, and don’t forget to have a crack at the crossword competition.

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