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Today I made…


… a Nostepinne! I went round to Jim’s this afternoon, to reacquaint myself with woodturning and, after practising on a piece of wood that made life difficult for myself (very soft wood with an open grain, not good woodturning material), I then made this nostie out of some Sapele wood. The first of many, I […]

A Helping Hand


I think that I may have mentioned the arrival of this the other day: I have been pushing my photographic skills recently, so today the hand stood in for a model. The hand is supposed to be for showing off new handy FOs. But it appears to have a wide range of uses…   …not […]

We forgot


Spinning Group today was pretty well attended. It’s shame that it clashed with our fibre colleague’s (OrkneySarah) Christmas event, but we hope that she fared well, even if none of us could attend. We were sorry that we could not be there to support her. Norma brought mince pies today (we had them hot) – […]

Low Key


We have had a quiet weekend. Mr L reached a low ebb on Friday but seems to be coming back up now. I don’t think I can take all the credit for this but do admit to investing in my partner’s well-being over the last few days. Puzzles went pretty much out of the window […]



There can be few enthusiasms as great as that of a small child for a bowl of flour and water paste. We had much fun yesterday! These are going to take a good few days to dry. I am looking forward to seeing the results (and to getting my bowls back!) My Show box is […]

Getting closer


One of our fibre friends on Orkney is Amanda, aka PeediePanda. She, like me, is interested in photography and has recently committed herself to taking at least one photograph a day. You can cheer her on here. I thought I might do more than that, so I am trying to be her running partner and […]

In a daze


Yesterday was hectic. Wednesday gives only a few hours in town, so we decided to go straight to Lidl, thence to Tesco… and do anything else thereafter, if time permitted. It did not. Lidl was OK-ish. Maybe we went round in more leisurely fashion than usual, mistakenly thinking that we had time to pace ourselves. […]

Not my craft


One of the several reasons that I do not sew is that there is an intrinsic requirement to use an iron. Now, ironing, I definitely do not “do” – never was there a task so throughly depressing and soul-destroying. I can sew, if I have to. I do not enjoy the process. So, having taken […]



Don’t ask me why but I feel that the studio would benefit from a little 70’s window dressing… I want some houseplants in here but am somewhat Bengal-challenged. I need plants that they won’t eat, or ones that I can keep out of their reach. I like spider plants. The problem is that Bengals love […]