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Spinning day


Norma and Jennifer joined me at spinning today, Norma bringing her wheel and Jennifer her knitting. Jennifer’s designed a waistcoat where various sized squares of many colours are knitted, then crocheted together. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops. Jennifer brought some knitting that she’d done over Christmas, and Norma and I both admired […]

This ‘n’ that


Well, the sheep have settled into their new routines. Dotty still expects to eat her food out of the bucket, but that’s easier now there’s not a full-grown ewe trying to get her head into the bucket as well. The moorit Shetland still comes across to the fence to be fed there, but that’s more […]



I’ve been spinning the best part of 40 years. In that time, I’ve produced what I would call my ‘usual’ yarn. Not too thin, a 2ply makes some good welly/walking boot socks. However, for the Shetland shawl, I consciously chose to try spinning a (slightly) finer yarn. This I seem to have succeeded doing. I […]

Shawl progress


I’ve got 12 peaks left of the third side edging to do, before starting on the fourth side. I did quite a bit whilst watching the two FA Cup matches yesterday. I’ll take it on the ferry with me again tomorrow and hopefully make a start on the fourth side. Here’s where it started. From […]

Spinning demo


This afternoon, Beth and I met up at the school for the spinning demo at the Brownie and Guide sale. I’d drum-carded some washed Shetland to spin, and this morning plied the rest of the unwashed yarn to free up the bobbins, just leaving a small amount left over from plying to start to spin […]

Spinning Wheel Maintenance


Most of the time, my spinning wheel maintenance consists of oiling all the necessary bits of my wheel; the spindle, the wheel axle and treadles etc. But some times, more than that is necessary. This weekend, Beth and I will be doing a short spinning demonstration during the Brownie and Guide sale, which is taking […]

Swirly thinking


There has been a Knitting Incident. I am  relieved that no damage was done. Every part of my being wants to cast on something new and exciting. It is not helping that two of the knitters that I follow seem to have more or less simultaneously completed a Swirl jacket. So close together are their FOs […]