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A Beautiful Morning


It’s a lovely day out there at the moment. The sun is shining and there’s very little wind. I took Barnaby’s rug off this morning so that he can have a good roll in the mud! I think it’s a morning for bushwacking some weeds and clearing an area for tree-planting. I’ll take some before […]



Ok, not going to be boring and give you ‘how cold it is’ posts all winter – but, By Gum, it’s cold out there! It’s dry at the moment, but very windy, which is making the ‘apparent temperature’ about minus 4deg at the moment. An indoor day, methinks. Actually, we’ll carry on with the workshop […]

Discovered in a Graveyard


Beth and I went on a photography expedition this morning, to give me the chance to try out her older DSLR camera. We chose the Ladykirk graveyard, as we both like the location and the sun was suitably shining – almost too bright in fact. I took about 40 photos, before the camera informed me […]

Cosying up


Following on from the Autumnal post – it’s been ‘Orrible weather up here the last couple of days. We had 66mm of rain yesterday – that over 2 1/2 inches! I got so wet from seeing to the horses and the sheep and then a friend’s horses, that I was glad I’d lit the fire […]



Well, I think it’s safe to say that Autumn has arrived! We’re in the middle of our first proper autumnal gale – a Northerly, gusting to 55mph at the moment. To get the horses in I dug out a woolly hat and tied it on with my headscarf, found a scarf to wind round my […]



It’s a bit parky out there. I’m sitting here, with Beth’s prize-winning Bridgewater shawl around my shoulders and my sock-yarn fingerless mitts on (also knitted by Beth) contemplating making the lunch. Cheese on toast. We’re supposed to be out in the garage doing some measuring towards putting up a partition, but apart from seeing to […]