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That blanket is growing quite rapidly. I seem to be spending a lot if time with it – it’s easy, positively mindless, and fascinating to watch it grow. There is some new texture in it now and i found that it led me on and on last night, teasing me into moving it along enough for another yarn change. The other thing that helps it to grow is that it is far easier on my hands than knitting.

Sounds perfect, yes? Just one problem: I find myself painting with yarn and, although this is meant to be a stashbusting exercise, I lack what I feel to be the “right yarns” to perfect my blankie. In short, I feel like shopping. I need more greens, some interesting greys, good textures, and some rich browns.

Got any leftover scraps? Any weight will do, I am knitting strands together to get the weight and to achieve interesting shadings.


I added in a very light, limestone-like, grey last night that may prove to have been in error. Perhaps it will end up as a highlight or accent but right now it just looks plain wrong. I shall need to find something to blend it in with.

The blanket is going to be pretty weighty when it is complete – and will be oh-so-warm and cosy. I’m rather excited about it.

I got a little over-excited yesterday. Not with the blanket but with a Cat. So, that’s one more WIP on the list. I never learn.

This is suseknits’ version, the one that led me from the straight and narrow. Lovely, isn’t it? I am making mine in the World of Wool un-dyed laceweight that I had in my stash. It’s only small yet, in the second body repeat, and is not a priority knit.

Speaking of priority knits: Gill popped in yesterday on Sanday Spinners’ business and I was showing to her the problem that I was having with the error in the KAL cape instructions. I talked her through it slowly and… there is no problem at all, it’s not in the least bit wrong, and I am clearly falling slowly from my trolley.

Now that I know there is no problem I shall return to knitting the edging this afternoon. The blanket and the Cat can go to one side… if I can bear to let go of the blanket.

One slightly hysterical note… Gill suggested that I wear my finished cape to Knit & Natter next week. She has an entirely misplaced faith in my abilities. It will be weeks in the finishing, you mark my words…

Worth a thousand words? My current creative life, laid out for all to see

My bench is a mess, after digging around for yarns for the blankie. I must tidy up after lunch.

Haggis day today! Must go prime the microwave soon. It’s a chill grey day today, perfect for comfort food eating.

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