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The next part of the sock series should be along soon – Gill was working on her sock at spinning group yesterday. I did plan to take my camera in order to record progress but had so many other things on my mind that I managed to go out without it.

After Spinning yesterday we went along to our new drop-in centre to see about some room bookings. We have Plans. Having thrashed out our plans after our visit there, we finalised notices to go in the Island’s local newsletter, The Sanday Sound. Today was copy date and our notices will be in the next edition, due out on 1st February.

So what are our plans?

Firstly we plan to hold a coffee afternoon, in aid of the island’s School Trip fund (an excellent scheme that ensures that all the children can go away, regardless of financial need). We are having a Knit & Natter! Not strictly a Sanday Spinners event – this is aimed at getting the island’s knitters together to find out if they would like a regular informal group meeting, akin to our spinning group. Sanday Spinners are underwriting the costs. It is also, of course, an ideal opportunity to let everybody know that we are selling knitting needles!

While the blood was rushing to our heads, we thought that we would develop the sock series into a couple of sock knitting courses. The first is to be a short course (6 sessions) designed at showing sock knitters how to use Magic Loop — that is, if there is a demand. We have asked for folks to register interest so that we can gauge the situation. We are making up sock kits from some yarns that we have bought in, and they will have the KnitPro circulars included, along with a edited printed version of the sock series – without the additional “handspun” slant. If there are kits left after the course we shall put them up for sale, but probably via eBay rather than here. Keep an eye open for them because they will represent excellent value for money!

I am busy making space in my workroom for the new stock coming in. To do this, I am having to dispose of all my non-fibre craft stuff. I have a ton of rubber stamps, inks, reams of paper and card plus a heap of paper crafting tools to dispose of. Much of it will be going on eBay but if any readers are into paper as well as fibre… please do get in touch if you are in need of supplies. I may well be able to pass something your way for the price of postage alone. I don’t want any of it to go into landfill (not that it would – our waste goes to Shetland, to be incinerated.) Keep an eye on eBay anyway. I really am not overestimating the amount that has to go. It’s HUGE! There should be some good bargains. Lots of imported stuff too.

The clear out is such a big job that it is very depressing and I find I can only do a little bit at a time without becoming overwhelmed. I am tempted to say that it will take an age to finish but I do not have that luxury – we have stock incoming! We need space to store it and space to prepare it for sending out. We plan to run an efficient operation. The groundwork is unavoidable.

Sigh. The things I do for you… that’s dedication, you know 🙂

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