Compound Interest

You know, there was a point on Sunday morning when I totally believed that I could do 66 rounds of doily by Thursday. Then the lights went out again. It was a wet and dismal day and there was little light to work by all afternoon. Taking into consideration the fact that Waves of Grain was not yet grafted and Twhit was barely begun… I had to rethink my plans. I grafted the scarf in what light there was and frankly, it’s a job as dismal as the day was. I could try to take it out and re-do it but I know that if I were to do that, it would all go Horribly Wrong. I’ll put it in as something to look at, but hold no hopes.

Yesterday dawned hot and sunny and it stayed that way all day. Mr L took Suzie to the vet and I stayed home on duty with Griff and his bladder. As the weather was so very fine, I tackled the laundry; TEN loads of it. I was in and out like the proverbial fiddler’s elbow all day long. I also bottomed the utility room. All this meant that no yarny stuff happened. When Mr L came home with what is now officially a “very old and very sick dog” plus a Land Rover stuffed to the gunwales with shopping, we settled Suzie into a quiet corner, packed everything away, had a very late meal and a quick shower then tucked ourselves up with yesterday’s puzzles.

Waves of Grain needs its ends darning in today and then a good blocking. The Twhit hat is less than half done. No photographs have yet been unearthed. I am getting very much behind. That said, we solved two of today’s puzzles before breakfast.

Suzie loves to play Frisbee

Suzie loves to play Frisbee

As for wee Suzie – what we had thought to be a temporary injury turned out to be severe osteo-arthritis. We have directions to give her a “quiet life” and she is on medication for the remainder of her days, which may not be many as she also has a heart murmur. In short, she is not allowed to play Frisbee any longer and that is going to break her little heart. She is on cage rest for a week – something that we find very difficult to do. Before we adopted Suzie she was abandoned, caged with another dog in an empty house, without food or water for a week. She was all but dead when the RSPCA were able to go in and get her. Unsurprisingly, part of the baggage that she carries with her is a dislike of confinement. She is less than happy and I am a little tearful.

Suzie is 15. No wonder she is becoming decrepit. It’s difficult to believe that she is that old, when I look at her pleading to go out and play.

It is Tuesday. The Show is on Friday and entries must be in on Thursday evening. I need to get a wriggle on, folks. ‘Bye.


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