The most recent spin on the Windswept Acre has been North Ronaldsay. I was a North Ron virgin. Somehow, I just never fancied it. Proximity breeds contempt, maybe? I had been given some North Ron a long time ago, by a member of our spinning group who left us to return to her native country. I decided that I owed it to her to have a go.

Well, I am so glad that I did!

Once washed and carded it resolved from an uninspiring mat to a pile of cloud-soft cushiness. I mentioned to Gill that the feel and consistency of it reminded me of… well… fleece. You know – before becoming a fibre freak and handling real sheep fleece, one has a notion of a characteristic called “fleeciness” that is not necessarily like any real sheep fleece at all. If I had to call up an example I would probably put forward cotton wadding. Duraglit… Thermogene… mattress stuffing… (frankly, I am amazed to find that I recall a time before the box spring mattress, yet I do….) That was the feel of the North Ron. It had lots of short, dense woolly bits in, and quite a lot of hair. Totally unsuitable for my normal worsted-style.

I had a go at a short forward woollen draw.

It has yielded a yarn of character.

Now. Here’s a thing. It’s practically unbelievable – and certainly incomprehensible to this spinner. In fact, I am reeling a tad… I have washed and re-skeined my yarn. I have counted the loops, doubled it, and I have weighed the skeins.

The first skein is 112 yards and 72 gms.

The second? 112 yards and 72 gms!

I did check. I hadn’t measured one twice and ignored the other. They genuinely are the same.

Remember this day. It is unlikely to come again. This day, this one perfect day, I am that mysterious and elusive creature, the consistent spinner.

I think that I need a lie down.

BTW –  it’s my first 3 ply from 3 singles too. What’s more, it’s not laceweight or fingering – it’s Aran weight. I am so pleased with myself. I  have been trying to make a thicker yarn for years.

I am behind on the work plan for this week, due to unexpected visitors yesterday. We played.

There is more play scheduled for today too. I am resolved to just take life as it comes. What goes in to the Show goes – what does not go, fails to matter. I am chilled. Children learning abut fibre? Far more important! Yesterday we knitted with pencil roving and we made needle felt. Today is  for messier play… the paste is boiled and there are yarn bowls on the near horizon. It’s way more fun than attempting to dress a doily for the second time, I can tell you.

Due to the unscheduled fun yesterday, I failed to get Hunter’s knitting done. That has to be today’s first priority, all else must go into line.

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