Cosying up

Following on from the Autumnal post – it’s been ‘Orrible weather up here the last couple of days. We had 66mm of rain yesterday – that over 2 1/2 inches! I got so wet from seeing to the horses and the sheep and then a friend’s horses, that I was glad I’d lit the fire in the big room. My ‘waterproof’ coat, which in all fairness is reasonably good with reasonable rain, couldn’t cope with yesterday’s deluge and leaked in the usual places – the elbows! Wet elbows aren’t much fun. My (aged) waterproof trousers also fell short of the necessary – in short, I got wet, very wet.

Once the fire had got going, the big room was the place to be, so I sat there in the fading light and finished off some Ashford merino/silk sliver (Mulberry shade) that I’d been spinning for a while, then plied it. Remarkably, as on one bobbin I’d lost the end, finding another end after about an hour and winding it on to a second bobbin, then continued spinning on that, the two bobbins finished almost at the same time and I just Navajo’d the last of the singles into about a yard of yarn on the end of the 2 ply.

Plying is always very gratifying. You fill up your bobbin very fast and think that you’re getting somewhere. Having plied the yarn and niddy-noddy’d it off the bobbin, I went back to spinning a Shetland fleece that I’m trying to spin finer than my usual, as I’m knitting a Shetland shawl. There’s always that feeling, when you go back to spinning singles, when you think that you’re not getting anywhere, because the bobbin doesn’t seem to be filling up very fast. And the shawl itself? I’m almost at the end of the centre diamond – and it’s going to be a very cosy shawl! 🙂

The shawl centre and the spun merino/silk sliver

The shawl centre and the spun merino/silk sliver

After I’ve done some necessary paperwork I’m going to experiment with the Hackle we bought a little while ago to see what fantastical roving I can produce with that.

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  1. Beth 20th October 2013 at 2:52 pm #

    I’ll bet our conservatory had more leaks than your coat. The rain seems to have come in absolutely everywhere in there.

    Oh, best update your profile (g,d&r)

  2. SandaySpinner 20th October 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Yes, I saw that! 🙂

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