Country Spinner 2

We have updated our Product list with the Ashford Country Spinner 2.

A111 Country Spinner 2

A111 Country Spinner 2

We are very excited about this wheel, having long fancied owning one of the original Country wheels. The new model has several excellent improvements and now comes with three spinning ratios and a built in lazy kate. The huge orifice is now larger than ever at 27mm, making the bulkiest of art yarn spinning a real possibility. Of course the other face of the Country 2 is its production spinning capability – just imagine plying a kilo of yarn before having to break off and skein your finished yarn. Personally I am considering how few ends there would be to darn in on my knitted sweaters!

The truth is that we now fancy one of these machines even more than we did before, so we are inspecting our books to see if we can treat ourselves to one to add to our stable of teaching machines and hire kit. If we do get one, you will be the first to hear of it!



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