Crisis point

We are running out of coffee! More has been ordered, but there is no sign of delivery yet. How can we have let this happen?

Tempers will fray.

Currently reduced to using the last tin of the beans that came with the machine. It’s only small…(actually, not the very last tin, but that one is decaf and will not be brought into use in this household any time soon.)

Quickly – I’m getting ready for spinning group –

  • In the post: Malabrigo Sock in African Violet. Gorgeous. I may have to cast on that Orchid Thief later
  • In the post: 10 (free!) vanilla pods/beans. I feel a batch of ice cream coming on. Custard with everything.
  • The cake that I made for spinning is all but inedible! Hope somebody else brings one. I’ll take a block of butter in case that helps…
  • I’m taking Morgana out today, as Gill (yes, she is home) is giving me a lift. I’m working on a lovely blue-green roving.
  • Puzzle solving: not going well. Only solved one yesterday. We are restricting our puzzle hours this year, so I probably should not be surprised. One puzzle is truly aggravating. We spent ages filling in all the stages. We are on the very last part, and completely lacking inspiration for the answer. Today’s hint is only useful to those who had no clue in the first place. We however are poised with one leg over the final hurdle and the other leg is beginning to ache.

That’s all, got to fly.

PS am aware that there haven’t been many photos recently. I’ll try to do a catch up post soon, once the table is not littered with puzzle sheets.

EDIT: I have been guiltily thinking about how I need another lace triangle like a hole in the head and I am supposed to be reducing WIPs. Well, I have done well – down from 31 to 24 already. This is the deal that I have done with myself: I can cast on for Orchid Thief if and when the Lara is finished. This may be the only way that I can bribe myself to pick up all those stitches for the iCord. I think that this approach may work for me. And picking up Lara will give me something to work on at Knit & Natter on Thursday. In the meantime, I am going to push towards completing the 2nd repeat on the High Seas. Sounds like a deal to me.

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2 Responses to “Crisis point”

  1. Liz H 2nd October 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Hope the coffee arrives soon – would someone at spinning group lend you some?

    We’re having mixed results with the puzzles, only having a definitive answer to 1b (although P won’t register, so no way of checking it yet!), but some idea of how to proceed with quite a few of them. Like you, we have limited time for puzzling, so we’re not too worried and just trying them out.

    • SandaySpinner 3rd October 2012 at 10:33 am #

      See email re puzzle checking

      Coffee not yet arrived, situation dire. I’m not sure I know of anyone on the island who uses beans and would have some spare. The local shop sometimes has a kilo bag of beans in but Mr L, who is v fussy about his coffee, thinks a kilo is a lot to get if they turn out to be horrible… and we have 6 kilos of the good stuff on the way.

      I offered to go to town…

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