Curiosity failed, but the Cat died anyway

There has been a Frogging Incident.

I was working hard on my Cat shawl yesterday. I completed the five and a bit repeats of Chart 1 and I knitted Chart 2 and then the first section of the Purse pattern. I checked my stitch count and I was ten stitches short. TEN.

I had no idea how.

My count was correct at Chart 1 and Chart 2 was mainly working plain. Even the yarnovers at the ends had gone and been replaced by a ktbl. In the chart it was shown as  (hmmm, cannot find an html code for this one) an open-ended figure of eight. A loop. Think charity ribbon.

Now, my brain did halt at this point. Something, somewhere, said “hang on…” and so I checked against the key and, yes, it was Knit 1 through back of loop, just as it had been all the way through chart 1.

I still felt a trifle uneasy, in a way that I could not quite fathom.

So. I put it to one side, as the tinking was difficult – it was a row of alternate yarnovers and p2 togs made from the same the row before. I was dropping stitches and making a mess. It would go better in the cold light of day, I thought.

I would just have a quick look at Rav projects and see if there were any notes about errors in the pattern… maybe the count in the pattern was wrong – it was ten stitches out after all, maybe I was actually meant to have 162, as I did.

It didn’t take long to find a knitter who also had stitch count problems. She was nattering on about making stitches, and the fact that she had missed the make stitches in the chart.

Make stitches?

No. How could there be? It was such a simple chart, how could I have missed them? Curiosity got the better of me and I went back to look.

I looked again.

And again.

The chart was mainly plain knitting or purling, with the ktbls at each end and centre.

I was puzzled.

Was there another version of the pattern? Was mine wrong? Where were these make stitches coming from? I could not see them.

Hang on…

The key is reproduced next to Chart 2! I had not seen this before as I had the document enlarged on my screen to maximise the view of the chart. (It is worth saying at this point that the chart key is shown in minute characters in this pattern) Not only that, this key was larger than the one that I had been using for Chart 1.

Imagine me now, with head slumped against keyboard…

That uneasy feeling had been my subconcious recognising that the symbol in Chart 2 was inverted and therefore was not the same symbol as in chart 1. Further enlargement of the page, to make the key readable, showed that this was in fact an entirely non-standard (as in “I never met it before!) symbol denoting a Make 1 increase.

Well, I looked at this thing, and how long it had taken me to tink just a few of the purse stitches and I thought to myself… I’m not that committed to it.  I also thought to myself… I should not have cast it on in the first place anyway.

So, I frogged it.

UFO count now 25.

It’s some kind of progress. I guess.

2 Responses to “Curiosity failed, but the Cat died anyway”

  1. Vivianne 24th September 2012 at 11:39 am #

    Ouch ! I feel your pain ! I would have said quite a few Bad Words,I assure you :-/ Which Cat Shawl is it ?

    • SandaySpinner 24th September 2012 at 12:00 pm #

      It’s Cat no 10, apparently. Very pretty. I’ll do another one some time, as I have paid for the pattern now.

      Actually quite pricey, for a not very well presented pattern.

      In a heavy silk next time, I think – though something easily tinkable. And when I don’t have two dozen unfinished projects staring me straight in the eye.


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