I went to town yesterday and came home feeling tired and dusty and over-hot. I was soon revived by the parcel that I found on my chair – my copy of The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet Vol 2. Enclosed in the parcel were 1 sock, 1 mitt, and 2 skeins of yarn. This time around Hunter has returned only 1 of each pair and retained the other as samples. So… the task now is to knit a third mitt and  a third sock.


It has been a busy day today and I have not yet found time to settle down with my book. A quick flick through revealed some temptation. I’ll have more  to say in a few days after I have digested the contents. Hunter’s usual style shines through, that’s for certain.

If you cannot contain your curiosity, and you have  a copy of the book, my  contributions to the samples are the blue frilled socks on p 54, and the golden brown mitts on p 88.


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