Damp but chipper

I am feeling pretty chipper today. Some part of me feels that progress is being made and achievements won.

It is tipping down and light levels are low, so I spent some free time this morning in steam pressing my Jubilee cardigan – considering the prospect of drying the thing,  should I wash it, to be approaching nil. It looks fine but I was surprised at how far it grew. It comes to my knees now.

Although I like an edge-to-edge jacket very much, I do want some kind of closure for this one. I live in Orkney and life is one constant war against the wind. I’m thinking a wooden stick pin, perhaps. Possibly some kind of clip and chain thing. I have a vague notion that I have seen something of that ilk somewhere – two decorative clips that fasten tot he jacket fronts and a connecting cord or chain. If that rings a bell, can you point me at such, please? The other possibility is a large brooch – and I think I know exactly where to find a ceramic one in just the right shade…

Kadril is now under way. I am less than happy with it but for now I shall soldier on. It is not simply that I am questioning my yarn and gauge choices but also that the pattern is wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. The corner charts simply do not work, Reading Ravelry shows that there are further errors to come –   none of this is corrected on the Twist Collective site, where the only published errata relate to the casting off symbol on the charts. The pattern is poorly written and badly laid out and I think the whole thing is a disgrace for the price that it was.

You know how I hate to be beaten.


I got a round in on my doily yesterday, and hope to do the same again after lunch. The edging of the Rivington is not thrilling me at the moment – it feels a bit of a slog, so I am most likely to forge ahead on wither Kadril or the doily for the rest of the day. I have socks and mitts packed for the ferry tomorrow. Just as well, the bus is picking me up at 08:30, so I need to be well organised.

Right – I have to soup to organise. I’m off.

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