I got lucky with the weather yesterday, if you happen to think that warm and sunny is lucky. It was a tad muggy and rushing around town was not particularly pleasant. I think perhaps that I myself was a little damp and not particularly pleasant to handle by the time that I had legged it up to the hospital.

The Mammographer was certainly not very pleasant. I spent much of last night composing in my head a letter of complaint. I know of what I speak, having trained as a radiographer myself, and she  broke every rule in the book on handling patients and their needs. A real sourpuss.

Maybe she was just having a bad day, but that should not have shown in her dealings with me. Especially as I was having a bad day too.  Luckily I am not one for venting my feelings on others, so she came out of it unscathed…. unlike the telephone caller…

I took the Bat Phone to town with me. It rang, just after I entered the doors of Lidl. I put on my best business telephone manner and answered “Good afternoon, Sanday Spinners, this is Beth speaking…” only to be met by some spiel from somebody calling on behalf of ****** Facebook! He got short shrift and I got on with my shopping.

One of the items that I brought home from Lidl is an 11 litre clip-fastening storage box with carry handle. It has an internal tool tray and I thought it might pass muster for carrying fibre and tools to and from spinning group. I also got a pyrography tool and am really looking forward to playing with that. Call the Fire Brigade now!

I arrived home to find the Land Rover facing in a different direction to that it was facing when I had left in the morning. While I was away in Kirkwall, Mr L  had managed to get her running. Clearly matters were not anywhere near as dire as he had imagined (and told me.) She is now booked in for her test next Wednesday and I shall cancel my bus booking for this Friday and reprise yesterday’s trip next week instead. I hope to do a little better with my ferry knitting next time. Yesterday I managed to leave my specs in the baggage locker and found myself stuck in the saloon for an hour and a half with my knitting but no knitting vision. I  had my Kindle but could not read as my reading vision too had gone awol. Thankfully I had an audio book on the Kindle, so I stuck my ears on and nodded off to The Year of the Flood.

We are on holiday next week. I shall be passing the Bat Phone and the blog over to Gill.

Mr L took leave for the SUMS puzzle week, which has actually been deferred – so he will now work on his railroad instead. That’s if the Land Rover passes with flying colours, of course. Otherwise, it will be spanner time again.

The weather has returned to damp and grey this morning. The shawl is still on the table, still very damp itself. It looks like being there for a couple more days yet.

We shall have to wait for some modelled photographs. Post-holiday, by the looks feel of it.

As a purely irrelevant aside: we had an early night and watched a film on the laptop in bed. American Beauty. I had forgotten what a good film it is. I like the way that it seemingly defies interpretation and seems to offer different meaning with each viewing – perhaps according to our current state of mind. Whatever the reason, it certainly repays the re-watching every now and again. I like non-genre films best. I enjoy quirky. It is possible that I may be going through a phase, as we watched Donnie Darko for the umpteenth time last week, and one of the film choices that I gave to Mr L last night was Secretary. He wanted to watch Casino Royale – American Beauty was clearly the result of some very peculiar and idiosyncratic arbitration on our part.

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